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ISO 45001 OH&S Program Development

ISO 45001, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, is an international standard that provides a framework for organizations to establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain, and continually improve a management system focused on occupational health and safety (OH&S).  ISO 45001 aims to help organizations proactively manage workplace health and safety risks, prevent work-related injuries and illnesses, and provide a safe environment for employees and other stakeholders.

MorganHill offers the following industry leading ISO 45001 OH&S Program Development services:

  • Initial Assessment and Gap Analysis: We'll conduct a thorough assessment of your organization's existing health and safety practices, policies, and procedures. This gap analysis will identify areas that need improvement to align with ISO 45001 requirements. A comprehensive report will outline actionable steps to enhance your OH&S system.
  • ISO 45001 Implementation Planning: Our experts will collaborate with your team to create a tailored implementation plan. This plan will outline the stages, timelines, responsibilities, and resources required to achieve ISO 45001 certification. We'll ensure a clear roadmap for successful adoption of the standard.
  • Policy and Procedure Development: We'll assist in crafting comprehensive OH&S policies and procedures that meet ISO 45001 standards. These documents will reflect your organization's commitment to workplace safety, hazard identification, risk assessment, and incident reporting, while fostering a culture of employee well-being.
  • Risk Assessment and Hazard Identification: Our consultants will guide you through the process of identifying workplace hazards, assessing associated risks, and establishing effective control measures. We'll help prioritize risks, ensuring that your organization minimizes potential threats to employee health and safety.
  • Worker Training and Awareness Programs: We offer tailored training programs to educate employees about ISO 45001 principles, safe work practices, emergency procedures, and the importance of their roles in maintaining a secure work environment. Our workshops promote a culture of safety consciousness.
  • Documentation and Record Management: Effective documentation is crucial for ISO 45001 compliance. Our consultants will assist in creating clear and organized documents, including OH&S policies, risk assessments, incident reports, and training records. We'll ensure your documentation aligns with the standard's requirements.
  • Internal Audits and Mock Assessments: Prior to the external certification audit, our consultants will conduct internal audits simulating the certification process. We'll identify potential nonconformities, provide recommendations, and help you refine your OH&S management system for a successful certification outcome.
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response Planning: We'll assist in developing robust emergency response plans, ensuring your organization is prepared to handle various scenarios. These plans will outline procedures to safeguard employee health during emergencies and to minimize business disruption.
  • Performance Monitoring and Metrics: Our experts will help you establish performance indicators to track OH&S performance and measure the effectiveness of your management system. Regular data analysis will provide insights for improvement and highlight areas needing attention.
  • Management Review and Continuous Improvement: We'll assist in conducting regular management reviews, bringing together key stakeholders to assess OH&S system effectiveness. By applying the PDCA cycle, we'll help you continually improve your system, keeping it aligned with evolving organizational needs and ISO 45001 standards.
  • Certification Support: Our team will guide you through the external certification process, offering expert advice on preparing for the audit, addressing auditor queries, and ensuring that your OH&S management system meets the requirements for ISO 45001 certification.
  • Post-Certification Maintenance: After achieving certification, we provide ongoing support to help you sustain compliance and further enhance your OH&S management system. Our consultants will assist in addressing audit findings, updating documentation, and guiding continuous improvement initiatives.

Our services are designed to guide organizations through the process of developing and implementing an effective OH&S management system in alignment with ISO 45001 standards. They aim to create safer work environments, prevent incidents, and foster a culture of health and safety awareness.

Additional services offered for ISO 45001 include scoping & gap assessments, performing remediation, along with internal audit measures. MorganHill also offers industry leading services for ISO 2700122301277019001, and 14001.

Additionally, we offer a wide range of regulatory compliance services, along with other specialty services.  Furthermore, we offer world-class ISMS security documentation and other specialty documents for today’s growing cybersecurity and data privacy reporting requirements

Health Technology Case Study

Four months after completing all necessary pre-certification work, the organization obtained ISO/IEC 27001 certification from an accredited ISO ANAB body that we recommend to them.

Cybersecurity Case Study

Obtained ISO 27001 certification from an accredited ISO ANAB body that I recommend to them.

Manufacturing Case Study

Four months after completing all necessary pre-certification work, the organization obtained ISO 27001 certification from an accredited ISO ANAB body that we recommend to them.

Healthcare Case Study

Three months after completing all necessary pre-certification work, the organization obtained ISO/IEC 27001 certification from an accredited ISO ANAB body that we recommend to them.

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