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ISO/IEC 27001 Consulting Experts | ANAB Notice

ISO/IEC Experts | ANAB Notice

MorganHIll has PURPOSELY chosen not to become an ANAB-accredited ISO/IEC certification body in North America (NA) or anywhere else in the world for three primary reasons.  

  1. First - and foremost - the true heavy lifting and expertise for ISO/IEC certifications are needed in the pre-cert phases - specifically - in performing gap assessments, defining scope, developing all required documentation, drafting a Statement of Applicability (SoA), building a continuous monitoring program, and so much more when it comes to ISO/IEC 27001ISO 14001ISO 9001ISO 45001ISO 22301, and ISO 27701. While the actual ISO/IEC certification audit is important, it’s not where the real work is done. To be clear, getting it right in terms of earning ISO/IEC certification means proper planning and execution in the pre-cert phases.  

And to be transparent, per the ANAB, “Consulting or offering solutions is not allowed by a Certification Body and those services must be legally separated. It is a requirement of ISO/IEC 17021-1 (see Section 5 Impartiality) that a Certification Body or any part of its legal entity does not provide any type of management systems consultancy.” Other standards bodies around the world also prohibit and/or do not recommend using a Certification Body for all services.

  1. Second, it’s important to have auditor independence between the pre-cert phases and the actual certification audit. Having an ANAB-accredited ISO/IEC body - or any other Certification Body around the globe - do everything - from a gap assessment, to remediation, and then the audit - is not recommended, in fact, it’s not allowed.

  2. And third, when you work with MorganHill, we can obtain the best auditor in terms of pricing and fit for your organization through our ISO/IEC RFP services. There are dozens of ANAB-accredited certification bodies and picking the wrong one can create immense challenges. We’ve worked with almost every ANAB-accredited ISO certification body in North America - and many them in Europe, Asia, and Africa - so we know the firms and how they work. When it comes to industry expertise, turn to MorganHill for ISO/IEC 27001ISO 14001ISO 9001ISO 45001ISO 22301, and ISO 27701

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